Eros and the impotence of #Me Too against Capitalist+Theist immorality

sex dolls



Where sex is sinful, forbidden and shameful, it becomes a profitable, exploitable commodity: a product, simulated or real, traded and trafficked in the flesh, bought and sold for a price, legally and illegally, like every other fruit in the capitalist “free” market environment.

Where sex becomes a legal tender secured by the sacred mystery and state institution of holy matrimony to its single rightful owner(s), “normal” is supposed to be monogamous, happily, exclusively and permanently, until death does them part; even the once rebellious LGBTQIA community aspires to that blessing of the absurd – sexual totalitarianism.

Self-help gurus and the Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex industry go forth and multiply out of ensuing dissatisfaction leading to misery, as the erotic act becomes a duty; should we fail to fulfill that ideal of normalcy, snake oil is available for addictions, fixations, dysfunctions, neuroses, psychoses and assorted maladies predictably arising from this patriarchal model. Entrepreneurial ingenuity exploits our illnesses and voilà! Pills for impotence, drugs for our depressed, suppressed, malfunctioning or entirely comatose libido.

Everyone – especially women – becomes decorative, accessorized, objectified, judged, paraded, obliged to compete and be graded on their appearance and sex-appeal. People are driven to pathological levels of obsession with looks and age-denial at any cost, unable to accept the natural fact we all grow old and die. Advertising sells anything from alcohol to zippo products pitching sex; the “young and beautiful” (mostly, but not exclusively girls) are enticed to meet the “rich and generous” (“Sugar Daddies” keen to finance the objects’ education in exchange of – well, read the article or use your imagination).

Our multifariously bourgeois society is so well-endowed in beauty pageants, strip clubs and pornography that we are spoiled for choice and exceedingly bored. We grew up imbued with prostitution and page three tabloid tits. Nowadays the trained circus monkeys’ obedience and enthusiasm are rewarded by more diversified and hardcore allowances and social experiments: in our supposedly sexually liberated societies, people are “free” to sell themselves – for money, advancement, career, fame, influence, jobs, notoriety, safety, security, success and an (always gender-appropriate) slice of the power pie.

Everything is property – including human beings, and that not so novel and not so subtle form of slavery is perfectly normalized. #YouToo and #MeToo, we are all joylessly and unsatisfactorily fucked, branded, owned and turning tricks for a living, keeping our big brothel pimps, prison wardens and puppet-masters in profit.

Thus you’ve been instructed that it’s fine for #You Too to buy or rent another human being’s body and sexual services, to make a living by selling yourself and/or your image as wank material, or to perform for an industry that profits from addiction, alienation, exploitation, harm, male dominance, misogyny, distortion, promotion of unrealistic expectations, trauma, trafficking, violence and a host of other crimes committed against your dignity and your physical and mental health. You’ve been convinced that this is your own free choice and your right; in societies that even the best-educated and trained professional women are earning half as much in their jobs than their male counterparts do.

You were perhaps misguided by your daddy or buddies to behave like “god’s gift to women” (and spare a thought, dear diligent reader, on how on earth did such a religiously misogynous phrase originate…) – so that you don’t grow up, heaven forbid, to be queer – while a daughter’s virginity is still a “new and unused” product status guarantee to be bartered for a good marriage, where the female happily assumes the place of the kept woman, the domestic slave, the resident womb, childminder and whore of convenience.

You and I live in a vast bordello: under this duress, it pays to make oneself look attractive and sexually available even if you aren’t “available” and don’t want to be. You have to remove your body hair or risk looking “disgusting”, unhygienic, and be told “good luck getting a boyfriend – or girlfriend – looking like that”; you will be bullied, body-shamed and pressurized by our bosses and fellow slaves until you conform, kill yourself trying – or just kill yourself for being “ugly”; by a beauty industry that preys [especially on young girls (and mothers)], brainwashing us all to endure torture  and mutilation, “enhance” ourselves with dangerous procedures & surgery, comply with the capricious and ever-changing beauty norms, retain our external desirability and fuckability image to the grave or “fail” as women (and men). If you don’t behave like the “norm” you become marginalized, suspicious, a “weirdo”…

We were taught that it’s normal for people to take advantage of others as that is the definition of success: in the whorehouse where we all live in, the glitterati, successful, rich and famous master-race can take advantage of inequalities and differences in age, background, culture, education, experience, influence, need, privilege, position, power, opportunity and wealth, to force themselves upon others, elicit favors of sexual (and every other) nature and not just get away with it but be rewarded. [Recommended viewing: Christopher Hitchens – the moral atheist – on the hypocrisy and amoralism of the Clintons].

It’s a world of abuse and legitimization of abuse. Where the elite (the “stars”) boast about grabbing women by the pussy and become role models elected into the highest office. A world of frat boy leaders class and homicidal, malignant heads of state. It’s a capitalist wet dream, a corporate heaven, so you can’t act surprised it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to. It’s run precisely like a prison block and a zoo, designed to resemble a “natural environment” for the inmates. We are allowed to harm ourselves and each other any way we fancy, as long as we don’t threaten the zoo master.

Celebrities, artists, leaders can get and have gotten away with rape and pedophilia because ordinary standards don’t apply to them – that would be “fake news”, “witch-hunt” or presentism; churches, while they deny women control over their own bodies, tolerate or even endorse genital mutilation of boys and girls; they denounce homosexuality, while issuing forgiveness for the molestation of minors perpetrated by themselves and their political enablers. [Read: The sex scandal that canceled the Nobel Prize].

We are groomed by online dating, porn and virtual slave bazaars into reducing and judging people’s value solely on skin-deep appearances, allocating scores and prices according to their physical dimensions, body ratios, sizes and perceived “sexiness”. We live in such open, tolerant and permissive societies that sadomasochism is considered personal expression instead of a mental disorder; abusive, harmful relationships and suffering are tolerated; bestiality (& bestiality porn) are legal in many jurisdictions; psychopaths and sociopaths are held up as role models and worshiped as supreme leaders – but woe and betide if you are or seen as liberal, communist, socialist, not married, openly gay, or an atheist running for high office in those modern, “secular”, western, bible-thumping theocracies – the United States of America as a prime example.

It’s a world that promotes hypocrisy and political correctness in lieu of honesty, transparency and positive moral values.

Freedom and liberation are exclusively reserved for markets and the corporate economy: human beings, instead, are sold expensive illusory versions of choice and self-determination. That is the summary of societal ethics that boast fiscal conservatism and social open-mindedness: they soon end up with neither.

We are allowed to choose our mindless entertainment, as long as it’s panem et circences, simulations instead of real, caring, rational thought or joy.

Should you then be forgiven, my dear sophisticated fellow, when you think it’s alright to put your hands under a woman’s dress to check out her tattoo, without having the manners to ask first and wait until you are given permission – even if she was your bosom buddy?

Should you not be corrected when you presume that a woman who is just being civil and pleasant or feels professionally or socially obliged to engage and reciprocate in conversational sharing about personal events and views, during polite conversation with a friend, her boss, a colleague, someone she admires, or whom she is socially comfortable with, or maybe even just needs a hug from a fellow human being, is actually entertaining sexual thoughts about you?

Should you be allowed to assume that a woman who is perhaps lonely, inebriated, or just needs a cuddle from a fellow great ape even, is actually giving you unspoken, unexpressed permission to make sexual advances towards her?

Shouldn’t we be making sure our sons are aware that it’s definitely not OK to behave like sexual predators just because they are men (and told by their fellow adolescent apes that every female with a heartbeat and a pulse or even a bikini is a legitimate target for their hormones or needy self-esteem)?

Shouldn’t we be encouraging our daughters to not tolerate disrespect, expressed forms of inequality and abuse from anyone, just because “it has always been this way” or “boys will be boys” and maybe their own daddies stopped at the gentlemen’s club on their way home to grab some “pussy” before dinner?

Shouldn’t we maybe educate our children to not think of sex and flirting as taboo, “dirty” and subject to titillation, exploitation and financial transaction or a commodity to be exchanged for favors, financial / job security and success?

Shouldn’t we be raising human beings that can actually talk about intimacy and sex openly, informing each other what they really mean, what they truly want and what their boundaries and where their red lines not to be crossed are?

Isn’t about time yet to agree that intimate relationships are not a legitimate form of serfdom to be authorized by church and state, passing ownership of the woman’s body and reproductive rights to the husband and the establishment, legitimizing her spouse’s demands for sex – domestic rape – and eulogizing physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, financial and/or other forms of abuse?

Shouldn’t we be promoting the rearing and acceptance of free human beings of all genders and sexual orientations, instead of victims and captive peons serving primitive taboos, traditional stereotypes and institutionalized abuse, exposing vulnerable children to such and familial exploitation?

Shouldn’t we be investing more in education and mental health, paying our dues to the life instinct, to the Eros Principal, to well-being, instead of Death and destruction?

Shouldn’t we be accepting the fact that we are animalsHominidae with instincts, emotions and physical, sexual needs and that it’s neither normal nor natural for people to be monogamous couples “faithful” to each other for life?

Should we have to remind ourselves of the old laws that allowed women freedoms which have been denied to them by our civilized western pseudo-democracies, secular only in theory but in reality still under the yoke of organized, and mostly patriarchal, churches?

Ownership of human beings is neither natural nor normal or healthy; we abolished slavery but we have not yet grappled with some of its most pervasive and harmful manifestations. We are great apes: in our species, females are promiscuous even more so than males; in nature, the males compete for the attention of the female: it is she who chooses the ones who are acceptable to her, among the available males, to mate and produce offspring with, and for good and sound biological, evolutionary reasons.

We pair and mate to have babies: sexual attraction diminishes in couples soon after – about a year or so; yes, in extremely rare cases people who happen to be highly compatible intellectually, psychologically, physically and sexually may form lasting bonds – but most marriages fail, ending in divorce or separation or are kept together through mutual deception and suppression of desires and needs; that in turn becomes transparently obvious and harming to their children, who not only suffer in loveless marriages but also grow up to repeat the same patterns of misery and deceit in their own relationships. (Read: Reasons people give for divorce and why women had better sex lives under socialism).

We should be able to part ways amicably and feel free to seek other partners, live solitary, form polyamorous relationships if we choose to or enjoy casual sexual encounters on the basis of mutual acceptance, equality and respect, without asking permission from anyone – not from gods, not from states, family or peers.

We should not be pressurized to feel as if relationships that ended were “failures” or believe fairytales about romantic love, Mister Rights and exclusive “partnerships” that last forever; science has demystified all those notions: we know that erotic love is soon replaced by companionship. (And that could be, at least for some of us, perhaps, fine – as long as you have made the genuine, conscious decision to make do, without coercion, without suffering or self-denial and, perhaps most importantly, without exploitation, double-standards, hypocrisy and dishonesty towards your spouse – and your children, condemning them to imitate your bad example).

Patriarchal religions (male domination) have fashioned these chains we’ve been conditioned to become fond of and shape our society’s ethics according to their immoral teachings: millennia-old slavery of women and brainwashing of girls so that men could be reasonably certain of the parenthood of their offspring (give or take a few chastity belts) – especially of the male progeny that forms linear succession in monarchies – or so that wealthy men could buy brides and slaves and keep harems and concubines to project status and ensure their families (genes) dominated their totalitarian regimes – kingdoms and feudal states.

These archaic institutions are and should be denounced as obsolete; and they would be, if we were living in free, democratic societies: relationships are changing, they were bound to change and destined to change utterly once – if ever – women become increasingly truly emancipated and empowered and gender stereotyping loses its grip over sexuality and identity.

Until we free ourselves and our minds of these artificial constraints that were forced upon our species from the dual powers conspiring in this system of oppression – authoritarianism and religious indoctrination – we cannot hope to form healthy relationships or build fair societies where human beings may enjoy equality, freedom and mutual respect.

Until we devictimize and decommoditize sex and overcome the malicious, twisted, unnatural, demeaning and dehumanizing, religious subjugation of our sexual identities to the construct of sin and body shame, we can never truly mature as humane, sapient individuals and communities.

Male supremacy and Religion have been working together since before the emergence of modern states to control human minds and bodies. It would be fallacy and naivety to expect -or worse, collusion, to preach- that the Elite would willingly liberate the pleb it feeds upon. Capitalism and Democracy are mutually exclusive; world-dominating religions are inherently totalitarian (totalitarianism is, in fact, a form of state religion – even in supposedly atheist societies, where the dictator is worshiped like god); patriarchal religion is by its own nature, fascist, misogynistic, racist, homophobic and anti-erotic.

So how can we pretend to be surprised that abuse is systemic when the system itself is corrupt and abusive? 

Why are Americans feigning shock? have they only just discovered the meaning of misogyny? or that sexual harassment is endemic in plutocratic theocracies, where real sexual and social freedoms are impossible? because in such totalitarian, white-supremacist regimes (like the “old enemy”, oligarchic and Christian Orthodox, homophobic Russia…), only procreational and transactional sex is on offer and passed as recreation or even as Erotic love…I guess it must be, as they have for so long chosen to believe their mass delusion – that theirs is “the land of the free”… How can you be “free” if you are a serf to a master – human or “divine” and your motto is “In God We Trust“?

How can we assume to declare freedoms and human rights while we still request the blessings of church and state for our private, intimate union? – and accept religious faith as a “human right” when organized religion is the exact opposite of freedom, in fact a synonym for tyranny and virulent discrimination?

It is the most baffling, idiotic, ironic, mind-boggling, moronic,  paradoxical and illogical contradiction in terms – an oxymoron – since to call religion totalitarian actually constitutes a tautology: the term is an autology in itself, as in order to be religious one has to surrender one’s reason to a superior, divine master; subject oneself, as Christopher Hitchens so famously, eloquently, succinctly and ingeniously said, to the absolute authority of a “celestial dictator”…

It is truly inexplicable that, at such an advanced state of human civilization, when we are almost on the brink of extinction, we are still clinging onto such an archaic form of self-inflicted subordination of our minds and bodies, that clearly harks back to the infancy of our species’ ability to reason and belongs in the garbage heap of history. If we want some extreme examples of the effects patriarchy has on humanity, study the fundamentalist Islamic states and every other dictatorship, left and right, past and present…

But perhaps we should look at this paradox in another way, as the very explanation of why our civilization is on the brink of collapse: maybe we are headed towards the abyss precisely because totalitarianism has ruled the world for so long, in its dualistic, religious and political, indistinguishable and inseparable, (white) male-supremacist manifestation. There are certainly more than convincing elements of correlation and causation between this self-reinforcing, parasitic, symbiotic, all-consuming cancerous morph and the damage it has imposed and continues to inflict upon the planet and everything on it.

Who knows if we could have avoided this pitfall, by developing more inclusive forms of governance earlier: allowing the participation of all citizens equally and fairly in the decision making, and, critically, empowering women, as this would have made our societies more democratic and peaceful. Evidence from some anthropological and sociology studies suggests it was inevitable that male aggression would lead to patriarchy, breaking down the more gender-balanced early kinship matrilinear human communities, making our species’ self-destruction and devastation of the planetary climate and ecosystem a rather predictable outcome.

It could be argued it is the inability to overcome the metaphysical state of ignorance and dependence on irrational, authoritarian and paternalistic belief systems (despite the attempts of Renaissance, the Enlightenment and Social Revolutions) that created and maintained this staggering, stifling inequality and injustice: taking power away from much more than half of humanity (not just women but every other “second-rate”, “inferior”, “ethnic” “minority”, individual, group, gender and identity) leading to the supreme tyranny of the Elite: the white supremacist male dominance aggressively promoting the overconsumption of natural resources and uneven distribution of wealth, between the rich few and the poor masses, predictably paving the path to dystopia, in just the few hundred years of the industrial age. Look further than Donald Trump, for a perfect example of totally amoral, unhinged, deranged and catastrophic (for the U.S. itself and the entire world) patriarchal, white male supremacy…

Under this light, it becomes rather obvious what I think about movements like the #Me Too: they are legitimate, they are important and they are understandable if reactionary initiatives, protesting against and rejecting sexual abuse of women and men who have been victimized. They are valid as public expressions and opportunities for human beings to speak up about their experiences, be heard and respected; it is a valuable learning path towards overcoming fear, shame and marginalization through encouragement and public acceptance, in finding the courage to address and identify: the underlying mechanisms facilitating misconduct, the political and social causes and the individual wrongdoers themselves, bringing them to justice wherever possible. It is liberating – to a point. But it’s incapable of defeating the primary structures of oppression on its own: these are still firmly in place so their agents will continue to unleash brute force and ignorance upon the brave individuals who come forward against the establishment’s most cynical, ruthless and corrupt offenders.


Christine Blaisey Ford on the cover of Time Magazine



Such movements are addressing a symptom, not the cause of the many problems though. The cause is that human beings of all sexes and genders are intentionally brainwashed and imprisoned by plutocracy and theism: reared from birth to accept oppression as natural, brought up to love their shackles, unable to visualize themselves stepping out of the circus, including the gender and identity stereotypes and aspirations for security and success forced upon them by the social norms. So these movements, however useful, are irrelevant in the sense of the greater social struggle, as they cannot realize true emancipation and empowerment, or even protect and safeguard those they aspire to inspire.

Inclusion, equality, justice and empowerment for all and of everyone regardless of gender and identity can only come from radical changes in society itself: primarily, through the rejection of capitalism and religion (that are the two prime drivers and perpetrators which perpetuate inequality), via education, arriving at a truly synergistic (instead of antagonistic) state of human society, as befits all, and ours, social species.

Men are raised to dominate economically and socially, through aggression and force; the forms of aggression are not necessarily physical yet they are no less harmful; women are still treated as inferior and raised to consider themselves secondary or weaker than men, incapable to find fulfillment and happiness outside of marriage and only marginally allowed a part in the decision-making as citizens.

We still remain in a dark primitive cave of the mind where our masters infect subordinates with the toxic concept of sin and ownership of each other as if we were property. For more than half of humankind, the social and sexual Dark Ages are still the reality most of us live in: Enlightenment and Empowerment have not yet arrived and realized for most women and for the majority of men. We are pitted against each other while extreme, militant, misandrous “feminism” and male-supremacist groups are busy perpetuating the “war of the sexes”, the artificial divide and conquer strategy that suits the pimps and sheeple herders of the human flock.

Violence is celebrated and worshiped. Sex is used as a weapon, as a tool and as currency. We seek power instead of understanding, we invest in war instead of education and health, especially mental health and the preparation of parents for the responsibility of raising free-thinking human beings, capable of pursuing knowledge, pleasure, fulfillment and joy. We are little more than rats in a laboratory cage, programmed to believe the rat race is our destiny, our privilege, our right and our salvation.

We still afford and allow religion the legitimacy and means to exploit, indoctrinate and poison human conscience with guilt, to cause immense harm, unnecessary suffering, mental disorders and social problems, through doctrines and dogmas that create a distorted, masochistic, traumatic transformation of the Erotic experience into something that is filthy, forbidden and punishable. How could we not end up in the mess we find ourselves in?

We don’t merely accept that ultimate control of our bodies, our genitalia, our sexualities, our very identities of personhood, we perpetuate and enable this crime to be committed upon our innocent children, that we baptize and bequeath and hand over to our and their clerical and financial tyrants and tormentors; we still eagerly and slavishly submit to the most malicious, soul-destroying and mind-altering addiction of all: relinquishing our self, our cognition, our power of reason and free will to the most evil and damaging mass delusion.

So complete and masterful is the deception and the illusion that humanity argues against itself and contrary to its own best interests, as our critical judgment has been subverted, proclaiming and maintaining it is righteous to bow to this dictatorial, unethical, corrupt and immoral hijacking our most natural, intimate, intense and personal freedom: the capacity to feel and share affection, attraction, excitement, euphoria, physical love and pleasure; to freely express ourselves erotically as mutually consenting adults without medieval, pernicious, malevolent supervisors and thought police ordering us what to think and how to conduct our private, domestic lives.

One cannot help but marvel at the American society, birthplace of the #Me Too movement, at once embracing the combination of capitalism + evangelical Christianity while simultaneously denouncing State intrusion and bragging about freedoms, both extremely conformist, WASP-monocultural, “one Nation under God” and vehemently individualistic, anti-taxation and anti-socialist but supportive of enormous, tax-funded military expenditure, supposedly anti-globalist and anti-integration yet itself the product of immigration and still blatantly interfering around the globe, seemingly blind to the contradictions and irreconcilable opposition between these mutually exclusive pursuits and how they have lead to the rise of the alt-right neo-Nazis and Trump. [Recommended reading: Moral Depravity Defines US Politics].

Religion is not a human right: lies, illusions and delusions are neither rightful nor beneficial: the purpose of education is to promote knowledge and advancement of human thought, to facilitate a better understanding of each other and the world we live in; to believe or teach that the Earth is flat is not a right as it’s not advantageous or virtuous: it’s an erroneous, ignorant, misleading, uneducated notion, a lie that can and should be corrected and destroyed by evidence, facts and truth.

Nobody in their right mind would argue against maths and insist that one plus one equals anything other than two. So we base decisions about life and personal safety on facts: we trust the natural laws that make the construction of heavier than air machines possible thus we fly on airplanes because mathematics, reliably, are objective: they don’t lie; so ten divided by two will always, and not just occasionally, depending on divine mood, equal five.

Personal belief systems are just that: private, personal, subjective; the witnesses are unreliable, beliefs are non-factual or provable and they differ according to culture and personal opinion; so we can’t arbitrarily decide that this or that doctrine is correct or rely on religious dogmas without evidence of truth to inform politics, education, government, justice, law, ethics of society: public proselytism, coercion, indoctrination, catechism, conversion missions are forms of organized abuse – exploitation, intellectual colonization and mental imperialism that takes advantage of human vulnerabilities, forcing one’s subjective beliefs, lies and superstitions upon others.

Organized religion is, therefore, thoroughly and entirely immoral: a form of criminal and systemic preying upon people’s gullibility, fears, psychological needs and weaknesses; that should be abhorrent in secular, lawful states; denominating minors and teaching children (who have not yet developed critical thought) to believe in the gods of their parents is systemic child abuse. [Recommended viewing: Christopher Hitchens on Religion as the source of Immorality].

I would go even further and suggest that religion and specifically patriarchal religion is the enemy of empathy and solidarity, the main reason why compassion and the evolutionary pressure that favors altruism in social species, forming the basis of human communities in the pre-Mosaic, pagan, hunter-gatherer past, has been diminishing in our societies, together with our collective ability to effectively teach empathy to our children, in the last two thousand years (the other reason is our increasing separation from nature and ability to survive, through science and technology, more selfishly and with less direct reliance on each other’s help).

That is because religion is intolerant of the “other” – the non-believer in that particular belief system, the “enemy”, the ones who are different in the proto-fascist sense – everyone who deviates from “our” tradition or “norm”: non-white, non-heterosexual, non-Christian or non-Muslim, non-national, non-tribal, foreign, alien, “inferior”, heretic etc: religious bigotry aggressively encourages either forceful conversion or subordination, even extermination of those who do not share the doctrine (the bible and the Quran are full of such violent exhortations); so it does not actually promote cooperation and tolerance but fierce antagonism, imperialism and war, just like its political twin, capitalism.

Religion is intensely and inherently racist, nationalistic, xenophobic. It rejects integration, openness, tolerance and progress because multiculturalism threatens its grip on the tribe and education frees people’s minds from apathy, bigotry, fear, guilt and reliance on metaphysical saviors and absolution.

Furthermore, religion taught us to despise our bodies: during the long reign of the Church in control of education, strict Victorian upbringing and puritanism, euphemisms and derogatory terms for our genitalia were invented, propagating a disturbed and schizophrenic view of the flesh as “evil” and “demonically possessed”, the body as spiritual enemy to castigate and flagellate; we were persuaded that our dreams, thoughts, feelings, desires, carnal appetites and urges are “impure” and in need of chastisement or we will be cast in eternal hell and damnation;  our brains are censored: honest, direct communication between individuals is replaced by religious & political propaganda; we are divided, isolated, raised with fear, hatred and mistrust for each other, controlled, separated and powerless to think for ourselves, organize and resist; we are systematically injected with guilt and hatred of our own flesh, becoming mentally ill and miserable and infecting our nearest and dearest with this poison.

Since childhood we are misled to place our trust upon charlatans, a cabal promoting superstition and tyranny; they force upon us commandments and lists of deadly sins, hostile codes of conduct and communication distorting, subverting and replacing the true and healthy meanings of erotic language,  substituting love and attraction with degradation and hatred; sex – the enemy of the agents of death of destruction – the Eros instinct and everything that has to do with lust, sensuality, the physical body and natural corporeal functions, has been systematically vulgarized, relegated and attacked as indecent, base, disgusting, crude, obscene, profane, cheap, gross, ignoble, improper, repulsive and undesirable in civilized (meaning: conservative, Christian & puritan) society.

We are customized to use these words as weapons to hurt and belittle each other: the word “pussy” is one of the most popular insults in the United States – a synonym of femininity as a byword for weakness and cowardice. Cunt (“the most offensive word in the English language”) is one of the most popular derogatory terms in Britain – to signify malice and treachery. Words like vulva & vagina are still not uttered in polite conversation (and vagina, instead of vulva, is ignorantly used – yes – even by women… – as a more “appropriate” term for the female genitals, while in fact describes only the internal part of the woman’s sexual organ. Thousands of years into “civilization”, we are studying distant galaxies yet we still haven’t managed to learn the basic geography our own bodies! We expect men to know what a clitoris is, and how it works? Ah, yes, let them find out from porn…and “keep women in their place”…).

Institutionalized misogyny and male chauvinism still plague our language and common manner of speech (mankind instead of humankind; chairman, man-made, manpower etc); our spoken and written terminology is full of contempt for women and the female genitals: vagina (from Latin for “scabbard”), pudendum (from Latin, “shameful”); female sexuality and orgasm has been demonized and vilified as “hysteria” and witchcraft; and don’t forget that religion had absolutely nothing to say, to condemn the crime of buying, raping and selling female human beings for thousands of years, either privately or in public slave markets, under its blessing. In fact the bible legitimizes rape.And now there is a person in the White House that thinks rape is what one should expect when men and women are put together

The female human was forced to be covered from head to toe, de-sexualized, dehumanized, denied pleasure, ever since religion unleashed zealots destroying classic sculpture, covering statues’ nudity with fig leaves and burning books. Even the words that signify female animals have become pejoratives, historical relics and proof of society’s fear and hatred directed at the “weaker” sex: bitch, minx, vixen etc. We are taught to be ashamed of our vulvas and our penises – that they are “filth“. Two millennia since the Athenian democracy, where sex and genitalia were everywhere to be seen in all their naked detail and glory, our bodies are still taboo and men still can’t find a more imaginative putdown than calling each other “dicks” as a synonym for a “jerk” (oh, the sin of masturbation…), a totally contemptable person…

The human species has still not been allowed by its political and religious despots – those that prey upon ignorance, thrive on fear and profit from societal problems – to come to terms with its own nature, its instincts and sexual function – in case that might heal us, reconcile and unite us and lead to joy…or worse, for them, revolution…

“a social revolution […] must first take place in the ideas and opinions of the people, in the minds”.

Obscenity is a moral concept in the verbal arsenal of the Establishment, which abuses the term by applying it, not to expressions of its own morality but to those of another. Obscene is not the picture of a naked woman who exposes her pubic hair but that of a fully clad general who exposes his medals rewarded in a war of aggression; obscene is not the ritual of the Hippies but the declaration of a high dignitary of the Church that war is necessary for peace“. [Recommended reading: An Essay on Liberation, Herbert Marcuse, 1969].

Until, then, we empower and emancipate ourselves from intellectual, emotional and psychological slavery, how could we ever hope to raise truly free, healthy and happy children?

We are all, regardless of gender, #You Too, #Me Too, brothers and sisters, we are victims, survivors of sexual exploitation and violence, abuse of our freedoms and human rights. And we can only dream and hope for fairness, equality and positive moral values until the axis of evil – capitalism and religion – has been defeated, through progress, social struggle and education, and replaced by democracy, rational thought and secular ethics.

We are facing an unprecedented threat to humanity, civilization and the survival of the planetary biosphere, orchestrated by those agents of evil. Today more than ever our decisions are critical not just about the shape of our children’s tomorrows, but even to the ultimate question if life as we know it is going to have a future or not.

It is the most stark existential crisis in thousands of years and maybe the last chance and opportunity for our species:

unite in the face of this grave emergency, work together and turn everything around, radically, for the better.


Trump with "Hooters"



Further reading:

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(Frederick Engels, 1884)

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